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Hydraulic rock drill has a massive excavator Hunan exposition of fire

"Bang, bang......" In November 19th, the roar of a pavilion - the fourth "Hunan fair" to machine a, a large full hydraulic drilling excavator is 360 degree rotary drilling demonstration, a new and unique technology immediately attracted the presence customers who look.
"The fair" Exhibition on display a full hydraulic drilling excavator


"This invention is really too great! After the machine in hand, mining, drilling, crushing all solved, this is the real 'infer other things from one fact'!" After visited the hydraulic rock drill excavator LY3000A, a mining industry for many years engaged in the business of Mr. Li was very excited, again and again to the machine's inventor, but also a heavy founder -- Ding Yu Ming a thumbs up, and could not climb the cab feels the operating lever. Hear customers consistent praise, a heavy workers seem to see, enterprises can start a prairie fire "emerging" fire situation in each combustion.
A hydraulic rock drill excavator is 360 degree rotary drilling demonstration
Research and development of hydraulic rock drill excavator, derived from a thorny problem a heavy founder Ding Youmin met in the process of construction projects in. In 2009, engaged in the blasting industry, he found, the use of down the hole drill or ordinary artificial rig need too much manpower and efficiency is not high, and the imported hydraulic bench drilling machine price is too high, how to solve this problem? To Qianjingyansi Ding Youmin, began to seriously study the solution for the problem.
Although the excavator technology is mature, but the single function, why don't I will rig grafted to the excavator? One day, he suddenly had a strange idea, but it was the idea of the achievements of a subversive innovation -- hydraulic rock drill excavator, an advanced full hydraulic drilling rig and the mature technology of excavator perfectly integrated "etc.".
After three years of innovation and development, in 2011, the first full hydraulic drilling excavator formally "birth", but was a heavy just want to solve the problem myself enterprises encounter in the blasting, and did not produce to market oriented production. But every time when machine work always annoys the sound hot, everyone to ask a heavy machine in which to buy, then a heavy founding talent really aware of the blasting industry in urgent need of this machine.

In order to solve the bottleneck of the blasting industry, meet the industry needs, in 2013, a heavy official will this machine market oriented production. The same year, the product won the "full hydraulic drilling rig excavator" national invention patent.
"If you already have a hydraulic excavator, that you need to install a prairie fire of full hydraulic drilling rig, drilling rig can be achieved, excavator bucket, hammer perfect swap in 5 minutes. Even so, but an excavator and a drilling rig cost less than a full hydraulic drilling rig 1/3 import. More importantly, full hydraulic drilling digger can let drilling technical personnel from pneumoconiosis and noise pollution, greatly reduces the occupation disease risk rate." A heavy founder Ding Youmin told reporters with certainty, innovative technology, low price and environmental protection concept will make a heavy fly higher, farther!

2013-11-11 10:22:38

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