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Liugong three products awarded the excellent achievements in the 2012 Guangxi New Product Award

Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region industry letter appoint announced the 2012 annual outstanding achievement of the autonomous region of Guangxi new product award results, Liugong CLG936D hydraulic excavator, wheel loader CLG842III and CLG418III grader at one or two, three prize.

Guangxi new product award for outstanding achievements, every year a review. The main application is the autonomous region new product appraisal or review of the project acceptance, and mass production for more than 1 years 3 years, stable and reliable performance, the new product has significant social benefits, the economic.

3 products Liugong the award-winning, CLG936D hydraulic excavator performance. The product is Liugong first mine hydraulic excavator, is based on the mining of I ~ IV rock consisting mainly of large engineering machinery. The emission reached the two stage European emissions requirements, powered by the turbocharger, air cooled, six cylinder inline, direct injection technology, it has good fuel economy, energy saving and environmental protection. The low noise, meet the national standard GB16170 on noise limit. Reasonable matching of the products, mining capacity, good maneuverability, high efficiency and reliability, with mining, loading, smooth, trenching, scraping, crushing, lifting, traction and other functions, the reliability, efficiency, emissions, safety, ease of operation, reached the international advanced level. 

2013-11-11 10:16:38

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